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February 25, 2002: 

36 weeks 1 day.  I start my weekly visits with Dr. Hardey now.  Cervix was checked...still high, closed, and posterior.  Right where it should be at this point.  Blood pressure and weight are doing fine.  I'm feeling great.  Getting *very* excited!


February 4, 2002:  

33 weeks, 1 day today.  Had an appointment with Dr. Hardey.  Baby is growing beautifully as am I.  I gained 9 lbs this month (ouch!).  Hopefully it is because the baby had a *big* growth spurt and not due to my incessant snacking!  I can't believe that we are in the home stretch now.  Only 3 more weeks until we are considered full term.  This pregnancy has been really easy so far.  Much is the same as when I was pregnant with Aidan.  The only big difference is the temperament of this baby in utero.  He/She is much more dramatic with its movements.  I lovingly refer to this child as Jackie Chan!  Maybe we've seen one too many Kung Foo movies.  Aidan was more graceful, he rolled and swam about.  This one likes to beat the heck out of me with its hands and feet!  But I'm loving it.  Every love tap (punch), for soon it will be over.  


January 3, 2002:

Quick appointment today.  Dr. Hardey was out of the office doing a cesarean section so we saw one of the nurses.  We listened to the baby's heartbeat, got weighed, and my belly was measured.  All is well in the Lynch womb.  12 weeks to go!


December 15, 2001:  

I PASSED the GTT!!!  Bring on the sugar!


December 12, 2001:  

Today I had to take the Glucose Tolerance Test to screen for gestational diabetes.  This time I felt much better after the test.  When I was pregnant with Aidan, the glucola made me so nauseas and light-headed.   I find out tomorrow whether I passed or not.  I also had another routine appointment.  Listened to the baby's heartbeat again.  It was a strong 160 bpm.  And I am measuring 26 cm...right on target.  I'm up 3 lbs putting the total at 13 lbs so far.  


November 15, 2001:  

I had another routine appointment today.  Blood pressure was fine, up 3 lbs.  Dr. Hardey said that everything was normal on the ultrasound.  Yay!  


November 13, 2001: 

We had our "official" ultrasound today.  The baby is measuring approximately 1 lb and 12 inches long.  He/She was cooperative long enough for the tech to get all of her measurements.  He/She has all vital organs and appears perfectly healthy.  The baby kept covering its face with its hands so it was difficult to get good pictures.  But even in a black and white fuzzy image, the baby is beautiful!


September 24, 2001:  

Felt the first official "thump" from the little one today.  I've been feeling that undeniable tickle sensation for about a week and half, but today I got my love tap.  


September 19, 2001:

I had my second prenatal appt. this morning and we finally got to hear the beating heart of our little bean. We saw him/her on an ultrasound 5 weeks ago, but it's just not the same as *hearing* it. Everything looks great except my uterus is measuring 17 weeks instead of the 13wks 5 days that I am. That could explain why I can't squeeze myself into regular clothes anymore. I have officially surrendered and am wearing maternity bottoms with a few big regular shirts I have to cover that lovely elastic panel. The doc isn't concerned at the size, everything else checks out fine. Could just be that everything is all stretched out from the first time.

August 15, 2001:

Today was our first prenatal appointment with Dr. Hardey.  Since my last menstrual cycle was in Dec. 1999, the conventional method of dating this pregnancy could not be applied.  So lucky us, we got a sneak peak at out newest creation via ultrasound.  Take a look at the baby!

July 29, 2001:  

I had been feeling a little queasy this past weekend and have been extremely tired.  Damian was convinced that these "symptoms" seem all too familiar and wanted to take a home pregnancy test.  Well I did, and it was ++++.  Very positive.  The plus sign showed up before I even put the cap back on the test.  Now the mystery begins...How pregnant am I ??   



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